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SMART Software

SMART Notebook: The world’s premiere Education software facilitating engaging and hands-on learning experiences.

SMART lab: Gives teachers customisable templates to create game-based activities in minutes.

SMART Response 2: Create a question set in under 5 minutes that students can answer on compute, laptop, tablet or phone.

SMART amp: A collaborative workspace where you can share and work on a variety of lesson content

SMART Notebook

Easy lesson sharing: Teachers can easily send SMART Notebook lessons from anywhere to any SMART Board with iQ. You can also share
lessons by emailing a link.

Create lessons in minutes: SMART lab has an array of customisable activities and themes. It’s fun, engaging and you can access it from Notebook with one click.



Select your activity: Many activity templates, with more always being created, let you keep things fresh

Customize your content: Insert lesson content that fits your teaching and learning needs, no matter the subject or grade level.

Start playing: Push the lesson out to student devices, or have students play it on your interactive display – either option works.

SMART Response2

Quick and easy formative assessment for use on student devices.

No training required, seriously. response 2 is that intuitive

Results are tabulated immediately, so you instantly know whether students have understood. Results can also be exported to save results or import into grade books.

Get more out of Google Apps for Education: SMART amp leverages Google Apps for Education to take co-creation and student-led learning to a whole new level.

Real-time insight for teachers: Let students to work together, and with their teachers, across laptops and tablets in a work space designed specifically for education.