Catchbox – Connect with your Audience

Connect with your Audience

It is often the simplest of innovations that take the longest to be realised. The Catchbox, is one of those products that makes you wonder how such a solution has taken so long to come about. For years the Speaker-Audience dynamic has remained the same. With participation sessions often breaking down into shouting matches and often audience members struggling to be heard. That Catchbox solves this. The need to pass a microphone around the audience is negated by the Catchbox, which is designed to be thrown from member to member. This speeds up interactions and makes participation easy and fun.

With an award winning, eye-catching design.  Catchbox combines simplicity with functionality. All covers give full protection to the microphone houses inside and can be customised to suit your brand.

With several large companies already making use of it, including Facebook, Netflix, Google and McDonald’s. Demand is sky rocketing for this unique product which is transforming the way meetings and seminars are being conducted. If you are tired of same old procedure and want to break the ‘status quo’ this is the solution which can make your next conference interactive and fun for all involved.

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Alex Taylor

16 July 2018

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