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Out & About: University of Sunderland

Over the past couple of summers, Roche have been contracted to supply the Audio Visual solutions to the University of Sunderland. With tight deadlines to meet, our engineers worked tirelessly around the clock to deliver the high quality service we pride ourselves on. On Friday I made the journey up the A1 to check out the finished product and speak to a few key people who we worked closely with during the project.

The first stop-off on our visit was Shackleton House, an old tax office which the University had purchased and now transformed into a working replica of a hospital ward. State of the art tech is used to provide students with the feeling of real life situations and scenarios can be run from the control room and uploaded onto the signage screen in real time. OSCE rooms were also provided, small enclosures used for running quick time tests and controlled by a lighting system as shown.

The Living Lab is perhaps the most impressive of all the buildings. Down in part to the ‘immersive suite’, a simulation room used to replicate real-life theatre scenarios. All footage from the room is then fed live to classrooms for students to view. Whilst there we were lucky enough to view this amazing room in action as a team of doctors and nurses carried out a simulation of a baby delivery.

We then took the short walk to the gymnasium to take a look at the video wall we had installed. The wall was hooked up to a rowing machine using Gymtech machinery, thus enabling an interactive workout experience. One of the lads was kind enough to give us a live demonstration, rather him than me!

Phil Beardmore had the following to say about the project ‘We were aiming to expand on the immersive learning capabilities of the University and provide students with a high quality interactive learning experience that would rival that of any in the country. We also wanted to work in accordance with the local hospital to provide facilities that medical professionals could come and use to train and develop their skills. Roche have delivered on all the Audio Visual requirements we had and have done so to the highest standards. The complete service they offer as well as their dedication to project completion from them is second to none and why we look forward to working with them in the future.’

Roche are pleased once again to have played a part in a project that will benefit the development of medical students and professionals in the area. We recognise the importance of such projects and the roles they play in improving education services and the communities around them. As such we always strive to provide the a service that meets all the client’s needs, we are proud to say that these standards have been met and look forward to successful working relationship with the University of Sunderland on many projects to come.

By Alex Taylor | October 2017