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Roche Audio Visual Company Accreditation's

 We are a complete Audio Visual solutions provider. Our aim is to provide widespread and expert support to all of our customers;Our Prince2 certified Project Managers  and Systems Designers will take you from the initial conception, to the design period and through to the installation and commissioning phase, giving you expert guidance at each stage  of the process from start to finish.

As members of Avixa and BSI we believe strongly in upholding the industry standards set by them. With over 45 years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading Audio Visual specialists we recognise the importance of complying with the highest industry standards so that our clients have complete peace of mind.

The accreditation’s we have gained as a company reflect our continued commitment to a high level of customer support. All backed up by maintaining accredited management systems in quality control, environmental standards and health and safety, as demonstrated below.


To ensure our staff can deliver you the highest quality service, we actively encourage them to undertake development courses and support them throughout the process. At Roche we have developed a diverse team with a wide range of qualifications that ensure we are capable of delivering the most demanding of Audio Visual projects.

Our team of in-house programmers and designers continually work towards the highest qualifications, and currently hold the; Extron Authorised Programmer Certification, Extron Control Professional Certification and the XTP Systems Design Engineer Certification.

Roche AV boasts 3 Full time, directly employed Certified Crestron Programmers, a Certification that is one of the most respected within the AV industry. Example certification that our Prized Crestron Programmers possess are; Certified Crestron Programmer, CTI-P101, CTI-P201, CTI-P301, CTI-SG, CTI-FUSION-P , DMC-E, DMC-D and More recently in 2018 DM-NVX design and Application.