Give every student in class a Front Row seat

“Can you hear me at the back?”


The average Primary School student doesn’t hear 25% of what the teacher says…  with that in mind lets take a look at the Award-Winning Classroom Soundfield products from FrontRow. With a goal of improving communication within the classroom and increasing teacher efficiency, they stick to the design principle “Strength inside, simplicity outside”. This approach delivers a range of simple-to-use products that aren’t cluttered by unnecessary bells and whistles – and with over 15,000 schools worldwide making the most of the products, they must be doing something right! With solutions for both inside and outside the classroom, lets have a look at the portfolio and see how the products can help you be heard:


FrontRow Juno Classroom Soundfield System

This bundle gives you full classroom coverage without the need for any installation – just plug it in and off you go. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly stream content from your devices and the included teacher mic can also be complimented with student mics to give a classroom-wide solution.



FrontRow ToGo Portable Soundfield

Completely portable with a re-chargeable battery and collapsible stand, this solution is perfect for teachers on the move! Ideal for PE class, sports days and anywhere else out and about in school. It is supplied with a wind resistant boom-mic and offers speedy & simple voice amplification on the go!



FrontRow Pro Digital Classroom Audio System

This wall-mounted installation solution gives you a complete classroom audio system including 4 speakers.  It supports two mics, and up to 3 PCs, DVD players, or mobile devices giving teachers ultimate flexibility and control.



Would FrontRow help in your Classroom?

FrontRow are that confident in the products that they offer a FREE trial so you can see how the product can help you in your classroom. If you would like to discuss your requirements or arrange a demonstration or trial of one of the above solutions please contact us for more information.




By Kev Bailey | 10 August 2018

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