Voting Systems

TurningPoint creates engaging experiences, enhances learning and provides real-time analytics

Interactive tools to engage students both inside and outside the classroom.

TurningPoint supports instructors in creating student-centred learning environments that encourage lively discussions, improve understanding and give every student a voice. Whether you want to simply add interactive polling questions to an existing lecture or completely upend your teaching style, we have the tools you need to help your students flourish.


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Engage employees, enhance training and deliver scheduled surveys.

If you can use PowerPoint, you can use TurningPoint. It’s that simple! Our interactive polling software also lets you deliver self-paced assessments and ask interactive polling questions on-the-fly over any application. Audience response systems help presenters capture learners’ attention, prompt lively discussions and enhance learning. Whether you want to completely revamp a training program or just make boring staff meetings more interesting, we have the tools you need.


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