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Among the many things that sets Clevertouch apart from the rest is its award winning software.  Over the years they’ve paid attention to what their users want from an interactive touchscreen, incorporating feedback into the design and development of cutting edge software solutions available with every Clevertouch


Clevermaths has all the features you would expect from great annotation software, but it also includes some fantastic classroom tools. Make maths lessons come to life with the interactive maths tools. Record scientific experiments and save your results into folders to easily compare the outcomes of follow up experiments. Pour liquids between beakers, measure lines and shapes, and create graphs. As well as text recognition, there is also a revolutionary formula recognition feature, automatically turning handwritten formula into text.


Cleverlynx has been given a complete visual and practical overhaul, resulting in Lynx 5 – an easy to use software with a sleek user interface. Lynx 5 annotation and lesson planning software enables students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom. Using Lynx 5, teachers can create imaginative lessons with content from a variety of sources. The newly designed user interface makes Lynx 5 easy to use, and the upgraded back-end changes gives a faster, smoother, simpler experience.


DisplayNote collaboration software allows teachers and presenters to share lessons & presentations from their Clevertouch, directly with their class.  Presenters can choose to teach from their front-of-class interactive touchscreen or walk around the room using the free app that controls content.  Participants can connect using the application on their iOS, Android or computer & can instantly save slides, make notes or be invited to contribute & collaborate in a live session.


Most children have very short attention spans. This k-12/EYFS – HE touchscreen software addresses that problem, by making education more fun, engaging and memorable, resulting in exciting interactive classrooms experiences that increase the performance of pupils and teachers. In addition to the 25+ off the shelf apps with pre-set content, busy teachers can easily and quickly create curriculum specific touchscreen lessons with custom content, using the Lesson app. All game and activity applications are designed to improve both communication and social skills.