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Our Chosen Charities 2018/19

Our chosen Charities from September 2018, through till the end of 2019 are The Woodlands Academy and WillingWilson. We will be organising a range of fundraising events and have set ourselves a Company target of £20k (£10k per charity). More information on our chosen charities can be found below as well as regular updates on our fundraising activities:

The Woodlands Academy

The Woodlands Academy is a Special Needs school in Scarborough for pupils aged 2-16 with a wide range of needs. This includes moderate or severe learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, autism and some medical difficulties.

Click here to visit the charity website for more info

Willing Wilson

Wilson Sweeney is a 2 year old boy from Halifax who was born prematurely & has Cerebal Palsey effecting all 4 limbs. His family are raising money for him to have life-changing surgery in America as well as a minimum of 3 years on-going physiotherapy & the associated equipment required.

Click here to visit the charity website for more info



Keep an eye on our Fundraising activities below!

13/10/18 - FC Halifax Town

#NonLeagueDay2018 saw our Fundraising activities kick off as Match Sponsor at FC Halifax Town vs Chesterfield. BT Sport evidently got wind of this and decided to show the match on telly! A great day was had by all, the Shaymen got a point (nearly 3!) and plenty was raised in aid of our chosen charities. A wide range of activities including Football Cards, a Signed Shirt Auction and guess the first goal scorer/time contributed to a fantastic £1000 being raised which gets us off to a brilliant start! With plenty of activities planned for the coming months this is just the beginning!



18/10/18 - BUTTY RUN

Our Director of Projects & Innovations, Craig Pickard, did a Birthday #ButtyRun which raised a rather respectable £10 for our chosen charities. The Epic butties were supplied by our Elland Neighbours Bubble & Squeak and were absolutely awesome! Keeping with the food theme, next Friday sees our first #FoodieFriday Fundraiser which will combine a dress-down day with lots of eating! A range of goodies including cookies, cakes and buns will be bought, baked and scoffed – all in the name of charity of course!




26/10/18 - FOODIE FRIDAY I

Our first #FoodieFriday was a huge success… a strong showing from the company’s bakers saw TWO epic chocolate cakes, gooey malteaser brownies and terrys chocolate orange cookies. These were joined on the goodies table by rice krispie bites, caramel shortcakes, cookies galore and cooking apples. We baked, bought, brought and munched our way to a rather awesome £87.10 when combined with a dress-down day. Thankfully the massive sugar-rush everyone is on will just about last us till the next Foodie Friday which is planned for 30/11/18.





Our debut Bonus Ball week resulted in a win for Milly Bake with Number 53! She bagged herself a cool £11.00, with a further £11.00 being raised for charity! Two new members have joined the fun, increasing the prize money and charity donation hanging on next weeks lotto, stay tuned for more details!





We have a Serial Winner in the house! Our second Bonus Ball week resulted in (yet another) win for Milly Bake with Number 53! This week saw her win £12.00, with a further £12.00 being raised for charity! Keep your eye on this page to see if Milly can make it 3 in a row next week. Reports that the jackpot is only £1 as everyone but Milly has withdrawn are wide of the mark!